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218 Clinton, Defiance, OH 43512

(419) 782-0016

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Stop in today at our new  Bryan, OH  location 

at 120 West High St. 

Steve and Kim Chandler have been in the video game business for almost 20 years.  Gamerz sells new and used video games, equipment, and movie DVDs at very competitive prices.  We BUY, SELL, and TRADE anything from ATARI to the newest video games.



CALL FOR DETAILS 419-782-0016         

Free dvd with any purchase over $10.00  offers cannot be combined.                                      

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Ratings and Reviews

by rob

good quality,great prices

GAMERZ appreciates your business. Steve Chandler

by travis

great price good ppl i shop there a lot

THANK YOU,GAMERZ has always done our best and take great pride in our customer satisfaction. Steve Chandler


GAMERZ competitor has filed bankruptcy in a attempt to not pay GAMERZ for the VIDEO GAMETRADE business and telling bankruptcy court they will pay the bank if they can stay in business. this is not right and GAMERZ has posted signs letting people no the a desperate attempt they are involved in slanderous attacks through our customer review section.we have just become aware of this and charges will be filed,police have been notified.GAMERZ has been in business for 18 years and will be in business many years to come. thank you for your support.

by Jayson

Gamerz is an amazing store. Great prices, friendly staff, and monthly tournements which are incredibly enjoyable. I would absolutley reccomend it.

by Rachel

Gamerz is a great store, they have great selection, all the newest releases, and offer fair trade on everything I've brought in. The staff is friendly and always answer my questions, and help with any of my gaming needs.

by Christel

They have awesome employees and are always helpful when i have problems. I only buy my gaming stuff from here no matter how cheap it might be somewhere else!!!!

by chase

gamerz rocks there games work like new they acutally help you with your problems unlike "game-trade"..

bad customer service (03/07/11)
by lyle

I had a bad experiance with the bryan store. I bought a usb mic that did not work. The staffer working there said he could not exchange for a working one. then spent the whole time just mumbling so You could not understand him. I will never buy anything from gamerz again.


in response to lyle. he purchased mic new, used it fine for three weeks,broke it then demanded a full refund.our employee was very polite, even took the time to look up manufactures contact info and give it to him so he could resolve the problem.some people no matter how hard you try cannot be pleased,if you break your item we will not give you a freebee.

Gamerz Is A Bunch Of Sammerz!!! (04/29/11)
by Randy

So I go to trade a few games in that are in EXCELLENT condition. And They try and tell me that they will only give me this much for credit.... yet they are selling the games for 4X the amount used than the credit they want to give me! you guys are a bunch of Scammers! I go next door to Video Game Trade And They Give Me A Fair Price For Store credit and only sell it for like 5.00-10.00 more than they paid me. You Need To Learn Better Business Practices Wheel Chair Gamerz! Why Dont You Go Into The Pawn Shop Business So You can screw customers!

Only Review that matters (08/23/11)
by Justin

Before you go and listen to the bad reviews go have a chat with Steve. Steve doesn't BS and he'll tell ya straight. I've been buying games from Steve for over 16 years and he's always been fair and has always treated his customers great.He is not out to get rich or rip people off you don't stay in business for almost 20 years that way.Best Video Game Store in Northwest Ohio i will continue to be a customer of Steve for years to come.

i love this place (06/19/12)
by adam

i love this place so much his is where i bought my GBA SP and my game boy color and all my games i like retro games

Good service (10/12/12)
by Tyler Left

He runs a quick and good business, a lot better than Game Trade. Good Prices, He knows his stuff, and there is a huge selection for any system. Only bad thing to say is that he has 2 stores, so he isn't in sometimes, so some trades cannot be done. All else aside I would much rather use Gamerz then any Defiance trade store.

Xbox (03/14/13)
by Nate

Does Gamerz do Xbox repairs now and if so for how much

by kim

never mind the rumors, you check us out for yourself. we are here to stay. people like to spread lies about people they fear. our customer service is excellent. we pay more for your used merchandise than ANYONE else and sell for less than ANYONE else. stop in for any of your gaming accessories. we have a full line.

by kim

yes, we do xbox 360 repairs. three red light is $25.00 plus tax and disc drive replacement is $70.00 plus tax. thanks for inquiring.

70?? I called and was told 100 (06/12/13)
by Nathan

Recently i called gamerz and he told me what was wrong with my xbox and he said it was the disc drive and if i brough it in he would have it done the next day and it was 100$...but either way im getting it fixed there and i cant argue if its gonna be done in one day i mean come one that means he works hard to make people happy and i have bought many things here and he is always so nice and keeps a conversation while you shop he is awesome just like his store and service i will never go anywhere else!!!

by kim

our price for the newer 360 drive repairs is $100. and the older 360's drive repair is $70. thats probably the mix up. thanks for your review.

owner (06/27/13)
by kim

stop in and get your copy of Black Ops 2 new for $39.99 or used in perfect condition for $30.00 and many other newer releases for the lowest price around.

owner (07/04/13)
by kim

Stop in a see our huge selection of many of your favorite video games. We have more than one copy of lots of different games. We are also have a huge DVD clearance sale. Blu-rays are 4 for $20.00, regular DVD's are 5 for $10.00, and seasons are $5.00 each. We are making room for the new PS4 and the new Xbox one.

owner (07/06/13)
by kim

Look for our new display coming soon to GAMERZ.

Owner (07/11/13)
by Kim

The new window display is here. Master Chief.

Playstation 2 and games (08/27/13)
by Brian

Would I b able to sell my play station 2 and games?

by Kim

Brian, yes, we usually do store credit on the older stuff, but you can bring it in and we'll check it all out. Does the ps2 have all the cords and a controller?